The limiting shape of random permutations: an introduction to permuton convergence.

In this series of two lectures we overview some recent progress in the study of the liming shape of large random (non uniform) permutations. 
We start by properly introducing the notion of permuton convergence and by exploring its connection with the convergence of proportion of pattern densities, this being a striking feature of the permuton topology. 
In the second part, we focus on two examples of permuton convergence, presenting the “Brownian separable permuton” (BSP) and the “Baxter permuton” (BS). We explore the universality of these limiting objects — proved for the BSP and conjectured for the BS — showing that they are the limit of different models of random permutations. Finally, we present their relations with many well (and less-well) known probabilistic objects, like the Continuum Random Tree (CRT) and the coalescent flows of some perturbed versions of the Tanaka SDE.
We will not assume any previous knowledge on random permutations or patterns. 

Lecture 1 (slides)

Lecture 2 (slides)


Nancy (France), Gdt.

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