Probability I 2021

This is the webpage for the course of Stochastik.

Teacher: Ashkan Nikeghbali

The lectures for this course are recorded. All the material can be found here: Stochastik 2021 – Dropbox.

The live sessions (Q&A sessions and exercise classes) will be on zoom (Zoom-link). The plan is as follows:

-Monady 10.15-12: Q&A session with Alejandro

-Wednesday 13.00-14.45: exercise class session with Yukun*

-Friday 11-12: Q&A session with Prof. Nikeghbali

*There is only one exercise class session every Wednesday at 13:00, starting from week 2. The recordings for exercise classes can be found here : Stochastik Exercise class (login with your UZH account). 

UZH-Webpage of the course

I’m in charge of the exercise sessions for this course. I will publish here one exercise sheet per week.


Some interesting videos: