Meanders, meandric permutations, and meandric systems

The images on this page are taken from this work on meanders and this work on meandric systems. Meanders and meandric permutations Left: Two large uniform meanders of size 256 and 2048. Right: The plots of the two corresponding meandric permutations. These simulations are obtained using this paper‘s Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm. Meandric systems Simulation of a uniform …

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The skew Brownian permuton

The skew Brownian permuton is a universal family of limiting permutons introduced in this work. Here we collect some simulations of the skew Brownian permuton  for different values of the parameters and . In every row there are five simulations of  and at the end there is the corresponding two-dimensional Brownian excursion of correlation  in the non-negative …

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